CEO of ClickFunnels GIVES away his best 7 funnels!

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Liam Todd

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Five Stars: “Great book, very valuable information inside definately recommend it for Entrepreneurs.” By Hector B.

Super: “Hands down, this is one of the best business books I have ever read. Can’t wait to dive into Expert Secrets.” By ALW

My Mind is Buzzing with Ideas!: “Easy to understand, step-by-step, and generous. I am seeing potential funnels all over the place now and filling my notebook with pages of notes. Time to get busy!” By E.

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Must Read for Digital Direct Response Marketers: “Quite possibly the best “digital marketing” book out there. Which is saying a lot given most “online marketing” books are outdated by the time they’re published. So why does this one stand the test of time? Because it’s based on the 40,000 foot strategies that transcend individual technology shifts. Must read if you’re doing direct response marketing online.” By The Laubster

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Five Stars: “Love this book – so many good ideas. for online marketing principles – landing page and Facebook ads.” By Julie Ostrand

Fairly nice book: “This book has a lot more information than what I purchased for it’s hard to get disappointed he has so much to offer in this” By Tyler

Five Stars: “Great book.” By J. D. Parra

Five Stars: “Its a must have for internet marketers.” By Henry Aldana

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Five Stars: “Not quite finished but loving it so far,” By Lynn Jordan

No Fluff… so much high level information: “Awesome book with so many high level strategies. No fluff… just straight to the point which I love.” By Ryan

Unveils what goes on behind the scenes of the Internet marketing world: “Finally! An honest, easy to understand Internet marketing book that shows the science behind every successful marketing campaign. Russell explains and illustrates complex marketing concepts in simple easy to follow language. A definite eye opener!” By anonymous

Five Stars: “Enjoying the book” By Robert & Angela Levine

5 stars: “every business owner should read this” By Russell

Powerful Tools!: “Great education for business and internet sales for people who don’t know where to start! It would recommend this to anyone who has a product or message they are trying to get out into the world!” By Jessica Farnes

Five Stars: “2nd best marketing book ever written. 1st is expert secrets :)” By Thomas Barnes

Five Stars: “This is a great book with lots of valuable content.” By Luca Nuñez

Great read!: “Great read!” By Scott Dawson

My Go to Guide for Sales Funnels: “This is my Go to Guide for Sales Funnels for Internet Marketing. Everything I needed to know about Sales Funnels, and More!” By Sheila G

I got the book…: “I got the book last night and am about half way through… this book is full of strategy that is timeless. Thank you Russell!” By Todd Botelho

Five Stars: “An amazing book for anyone learning how to build successful funnel for their online business.” By anonymous

A Must Have For That Entrepreneur Ready To Take Their Ideas & Business To The Next Next Level. Love It!!! HappyGrinding Russell: “WOW! I haven’t Been This Excited In A Long Time. By The Time I Was Half Way Through This Book I Purchased The Cook Book Also And Finished That In Less Than 24hrs. Wrapping Up DotCom As We Speak. 2 in 2 Days, I Said Forget 7, This Info Is So Good And Eye Opening I Couldn’t Go To Sleep, Lol, With YouTube Videos Still Going In The Background, I Feel This Is The Best Investment I have Made In Myself, For My Family, My Company HappyGrinding and Future Business Ideas. Salute Russell and HappyGrinding!!!!” By Jeris Booker

… upsells and it is but there is so much great information included I can handle it: “Other reviews said this book was full of upsells and it is but there is so much great information included I can handle it. I took so many notes and this book gave me so many ideas, I will recommend it to everyone. I only wish there was an updated version because I think some things may have changed in recent years, particularly with respect to social media. Time to get to work!” By Linda Tapp

BEST INVESTMENT I EVER MADE !: “This book is by far the Best investment I have ever made in my entire life. Being I grew up Amish not knowing anything about the Internet this book change my life forever.. It helped me start my own business online!
I now see the Internet as a gold winning jackpot… It’s not easy. it’s dead simple!” By Andrew Stutzman

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company or Your Own Personal Bank Account Online: “Financially free because of this book! Thank you so much Russell Brunson. Cant wait to buy your ExpertSecrets as well!” By AC

The only resource you need for launching an online marketing program: “After having spent over $13,000 in the past year on various online marketing classes that all fell short with missing that last piece to make their programs take me from online marketing newbie to launching a solid plan. I lost $$thousands more running ads trying to figure out what I was missing… until I came across this book.

Seriously… I hate to hype things up, but this book hands down gave me more information (and complete information) needed to launch a full online marketing system. Russell doesn’t hold back, gives you all the info you need, delivered in an easy to understand book, and provides simple examples to help further drive home the lessons he teaches. I love that he even goes into webinar structures and provides free downloads you can check out too (with links in the book).

This book is structured simply so you know exactly what you’ll get with each chapter. I’d definitely recommend reading this book chapter by chapter… and rereading chapters as needed. Make sure you keep a couple highlighters in close proximity too. I now use this book frequently with the people I coach, to help them expand their wellness coaching businesses. We frequently do book clubs together… having read and referenced this book several times over the past few months, I can honestly say it is an invaluable book in my home library!” By Nicole

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Amazing Content: “Literally the equivalent of a semesters worth of education in a power packed book. More importantly it’s broken down in bite sized pieces that even a newbie like me can understand. Plus the sample scripts and funnels provide a great starting point” By chuck lande

Value packed and eye opening: “This book is filled with actionable tips to taking your online business to the next level. I has helped me understand more about online sales and ways to effectively improve.” By James P

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I really like the way that the book is laid out: “I really like the way that the book is laid out, and I’m a happy ClickFunnels customer. Russell really knows his stuff, and it works!” By Eric A. Briggs

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Great marketing insight: “While the book claims to be about internet marketing I think the principles apply across the board. I would recommend this book to anyone selling anything on any platform, online or offline.” By Nicholas Rozier