3 Steps to a Fantastic Headline

Composing a fantastic headline is the central ingredient in your sales copy. It improves the likelihood that the reader will take interest in what you have to say. 

You could have the greatest sales copy ever written but a poorly written and not thought out headline will almost single handly ruin your business. The following points should guarantee your headline is spot on.

Ultra Specific

You need to be as specific as you can. As an example. Rather than “the way an ebook author make thousands every month”, change it to “the way an ebook author makes $2,678.85 monthly”. Its more specific and alot more believable.

Original and Unique

You really need to come up with your very own original headine.  If it sounds like something you’ve heard before, then don’t use it.

Urgency to Take Action

Give the headline a feeling of urgency. This really forces the reader to take action immediately, for example, use a limited time special offer, deadline dates or total amounts available.


Focus on these 3 crucial points to writing a fantastic headline. They are proven and time tested techniques, but the crucial thing is to optimize results by continuously tweaking and split testing with them in mind.


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