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What Does Affiliate Marketing Mean?

Best Affiliate Programs – Funnel X

Yes, I’m in bed, it’s a Saturday morning, it’s 10:51 a.M. Here Mountain Standard time, and it’s been over 30 days. It’s been about 32 days since I started this new project and I’ve been documenting, sometimes daily, but mostly weekly, the progression of this new campaign. Now again, it’s been 32 days and we’ve reached thirty four thousand fifty eight dollars and eight cents, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to switch to my computer right here in bed for you and I’m going to show you these results.

Hopefully it gets. You inspired all right Benji. What do you think of these results? Man, let’s check him out. So, as I said you guys, let me go up here in the corner and you can see it is Saturday December 22nd, 2018 and I’ve added all my figures up right here and you can see the total right here. So let’s go ahead and let’s add up all these figures, so you guys can see that you know I’m not just blowing smoke.

This is stuff is real and I’m actually earning money. So you can see twenty-two thousand three hundred fifty dollars from this first income stream. Here, if I jump to the next income stream, you can see that this is seven hundred and twenty eight dollars and forty eight cents from now lifestyle and see that right there, the next income stream, let’s jump up over here, advertising boost yeah, one thousand five hundred Twenty nine dollars and ten cents pending seven hundred and seventy two dollars paid out and then, if we jump back here, we add those two figures.

Together, that’s two thousand three hundred $ 1.10. The next income stream is ROI paddle. You can see here, six thousand four hundred $ 9.50 and again if we pull that up boom, that’s added into the equation. Here: we’ve got a funnel X advance. That’s two thousand two hundred seventy three dollars, and you can see that’s added right here now: the first income stream. Just to tell you guys, I didn’t mention this, but this is easy one up.

This is where a large percentage of the incomes going, because it’s a high ticket program and you earn one thousand two – two thousand dollar Commission’s – it’s actually 100 % Commission program, which is super cool. So that’s where you’re seeing some pretty large numbers there. So this is the total income was thirty, four thousand fifty six dollars and eight cents, and the cool thing about this is, I didn’t, have to directly promote any of these programs right here, which means I didn’t have to go out there and sell easy one up Separately and then now lifestyle separately and then advertising boost and so on and so forth.

All I did was, I led people to a system called funnel X, ROI, I’m going to type that in here and we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to sign in real, quick and what’s really cool about this system is once we log in to the Members area: it’s going to look something like this and there’s a start here section. This is where you set up all your different income streams. So you can see that you set up easy one up right here.

You configure now lifestyle ry panel, so on and so forth, and once this is set up, you just send people to this funnel X, ROI system and it will do all the selling and telling for you on these different income streams. Here that I showed you. So that’s what’s really cool about it, so you get this setup. You go to the start here section you complete all these steps and then this is where David shows you how to start promoting and start earning commissions, and it’s as simple as that.

You follow the directions you follow. The outline you do exactly what’s told you step by step. Most people don’t succeed because they do not follow steps. They do not follow directions. So if you want to get access to the funnel xry system, all you got ta do. Is click the link in the description below here? Okay, go ahead and click that link. It’s not going to take you to this page. It’s actually going to take you to the funnel X, ROI signup, page, okay, you’ll enter in your your details.

You’ll fill out your details here and then you’ll complete all the steps to plug into these different income streams and then follow the directions that David lays out for you, so you can start earning big commissions like this okay. Now this is no guarantee of income. What I’m showing you here is my proof. This took consistent work to consistent effort. This is not fly-by-night push-button riches.

You will have to put in some work, but if you can follow directions, you can get results just like this right here. Okay, so look forward to having you onboard go ahead and click the link right here below this article and we’ll see you guys very soon.

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